Executive director at Equilibrium Institute

Tamás Boros is Executive director at Equilibrium Institute and former Co-director and Head of Strategy of Policy Solutions. Leading news channels have invited him on their programmes as a political commentator, while he also frequently gives interviews to prominent international newspapers (e.g. Financial Times, The Economist). His publications and articles mainly focus on the state of democracy, right-wing extremism and populism. He previously worked as a specialist in EU communications for the European Commission and the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He had also served as the director of the Pillar Foundation, a non-profit organization promoting European values, for four years.

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What is the European Dream?


European public opinions and migration: Achieving common progressive narratives


The State of Populism in Europe 2018

a yearly report by FEPS and Policy Solutions on the populist trends in Europe

Progressive Answers to Populism

Why Europeans vote for populist parties and how Progressives should respond to this challenge
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Progressive Post

George Soros and Viktor Orbán: The battle between progressivism and populism

According to Tamás Boros, the reality of the past years, particularly in Hungary, showed that this logic was flawed.
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