EU Enlargement Anno 2012. A Progressive Engagement

Edited by Hannes Swoboda, MEP and Chair, Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats,S&D Group, European […]



Edited by

Hannes Swoboda, MEP and Chair, Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats,S&D Group, European Parliament

Ernst Stetter, Secretary General, Foundation for European Progressive Studies (FEPS)

Jan Marinus Wiersma, Vice President, European Forum for Democracy and Solidarity (EFDS)

Set up jointly with the European Forum for Democracy and Solidarity, the Copenhagen revisited research programme has addressed the complex question of building a progressive European society through an assessment of the EU enlargement process. Diverse instruments have been used, ranging from research, one-to-one interviews, small fact-finding missions to seminars and regional conferences. The programme was based on three main content elements. Firstly, it seemed necessary to identify and analyse the reasons for the change in attitude towards EU enlargement. This was the objective of the first constituting element, “Lessons learned”, where the experiences, consequences and impact of the previous enlargement rounds were discussed. Secondly, the current challenges needed to be faced in a multi-layered context. The part “A never ending hurdle?” examined the different actors’ causes for concern. It offered the possibility to study the main issues at European level, including both institutional and political considerations. The regional, bilateral and internal challenges of the (potential) candidate countries received equal attention.  Thirdly, the final research element “Beyond promises” aimed at offering a renewed progressive engagement to enlargement policy.

This book is the concluding part of the two years of the Copenhagen revisited research programme.

European Forum for Democracy and Solidarity
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