The Foundation for European Progressive Studies (FEPS) in cooperation with Fondazione Socialismo and in collaboration with Comunità di Sant’Egidio, has carried out a wide research focusing on the integration of migrants.

The goal of this exercise was to provide European progressive forces with some useful guidelines on how to formulate integration policies that aim at the creation of a just and cohesive society.

The result is the book Of wall and bridges. Guidelines for a policy of reception and inclusion of migrants, which focuses on some of the most important areas in which migrants’ integration into the host societies take place – such as housing, civic participation, education, etc.

The authors move from two fundamental ideas. Firstly, we have to accept that, in a world in which goods and capitals move continually and freely, it is impossible and anachronistic to prevent the growing movement of people.

Secondly, integration, as migration, cannot be left to the free initiatives of the markets – or even worse of illegal businesses – but must be governed, in order to prevent illegality and ensure cohesion.

This book is both available in English and Italian.

Read the book (EN)

Read the book (IT)

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