PES Congress 2022

With Courage. For Europe

13 - 15/10/2022
09:00 - 18:00
Berlin, Germany
PES Congress 2022
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With Courage. For Europe.

Hosted with the support from the governing German SPD, the PES Congress welcomed Heads of state and government, European Commissioners, party leaders and other representatives.

Europe is about a year and a half away from the next European election. The Congress comes at a moment of fundamental changes and high uncertainties. With the motto “With Courage. For Europe”, PES leaders will discuss policies to address deep shifts in international security and multilateral balance, soaring energy prices and inflation, the covid crisis, climate change and social challenges.

During the Congress, FEPS hosted the fringe event ‘The future of the European project: enlargement VS deepening?’. Speakers include Radmila Šekerinska, Former Minister of Defense of North Macedonia; Andreas Schieder, MEP and Chair of the Global Progressive Forum; MEP Domènec Rui Devesa; former MEPs Mercedes Bresso; MEP Jo Leinen; and FEPS President Maria Joåo Rodrigues.

More information about the PES Congress 2022 on the event’s website: 
The Congress was partly live-streamed via Facebook.

You can check the social media dialogue around the #PESCongressa and FEPS’ Twitter threads about the following sessions:

  • PES Women Annual Conference, ‘#MakeHerCount in times of crisis – progressive answers to gender blindness’, with the participation of FEPS Policy Analyst on Gender Equality, Laeticia Thissen. Watch the video and read the Twitter thread.
  • PES Congress twitter thread. Videos: Day 1 | Day 2
  • PES Congress panel ‘Our Europe: respect for the people’, with the participation of FEPS President. Watch the video.

Pictures of these events and more can be found on this link!

Congress resolution here.

Global Progressive Forum
Party of European Socialists
PES Committee of the Regions
PES Women
Socialists and Democrats (S&D)
Young European Socialists
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