With its fifth edition, the Progressive Yearbook can be considered an established and thriving tradition, through which FEPS wishes to mark and reflect on the most important events and developments of the previous year, and try to imagine what the future has in store for us.

In this new volume, we prepare ourselves for a year of pivotal elections. Above all, for us Europeans, the upcoming elections of the European Parliament (EP). They will be a crucial moment because, given the widespread idea that it is high time for the EU to give a new boost to integration, the political balance within the new EP will also define what kind of Europe we will shape.

Reform of the EU Treaty, the process of enlargement, and the twin transitions, green and digital, remain high among European priorities, which is reflected in the chapters of the Yearbook. For progressives, they are also intimately connected with the need to promote social justice.

As usual, we also look beyond European borders, reflect on international developments and trends that are creating an increasingly multipolar world, and consider the opportunities for reforming global governance and implementing the sustainable development goals.

Last, but not least, we address the tragic events in the Middle East, where yet another war, triggered this time by a horrific terrorist attack and by the appalling Israeli retaliation, calls for an enhanced international role for the EU to help bring peace to that tormented land.

This yearly edition counts on renowned authors’ contributions, including academics, politicians, and civil society representatives.

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Table of content
Foreword. In it for the long run


European Chronology 2023
European Progressive Observatory 2023
Revamping Europe By László Andor


The progressive doctrine for European integration: It is not only the EU that needs a convention… By Ania Skrzypek
The European Green Deal in the age of volatility By Mathieu Blondeel
Progressive Person of the Year László Andor interviews Teresa Ribera Rodríguez


The age of digital democracy: A progressive vision for generative AI. By Fabian Ferrari
Tax the rich! By Paul Magnette et al.
Culture and its capital role. By Miquel Iceta I Llorens
EU free trade agreements: Outlook and the way forward. By Marek Belka And Michał Kapa


Finland: Testing times ahead for the opposition under new party leadership. By Tapio Raunio
Belgium: The political system at a crossroad. By Pascal Delwit


UN Summit of the Future: A unique opportunity in a generation. By Maria João Rodrigues
Sustainable development goals and the way forward. By Udo Bullmann
BRICS to BRICS+: From development ambition to geopolitical challenge. By Uwe Optenhögel
We need courage to bring peace to the Middle East. László Andor interviews Yossi Beilin


The future of EU social policy: Depth or breadth? By Caroline de la Porte
The future of work. By Giles Merritt
Young people’s expectations from European politics. By Sofie Amalie Stage
The Paris 2024 Olympic Games: An archetype of the politicisation of major international sporting events. By David Roizen
Joe Biden’s balancing act. By Francesco Ronchi
ASEAN and the EU: Malaysia’s active neutrality to forge transregional partnerships for peace and prosperity. By Howard Lee


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by MÚOSZ Magyar Újságírók Országos Szövetsége 11/04/2024
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The EU pursues make-believe in Bosnia

by Financial Times 23/03/2024
Financial Times featured our policy brief 'Bosnia-Herzegovina', which analyses the journey of BiH's EU membership and the necessary reforms to make it happen

FEPS President on Euronews talk-show ‘Brussels, my love?’

by Euronews 16/03/2024
FEPS President Maria João Rodrigues discusses NATO expansions and elections in Russia and Portugal on Euronews talk-show ‘Brussels, my love?‘

Teresa Ribera, premiada por su labor en política internacional

by El Plural 26/01/2024
Teresa Ribera has been recognized by FEPS with the 'Progressive Person of the Year' award during the launch of the 'Progressive Yearbook.' Article by El Plural