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Terra incognita

Foresight series: The long-term implications of the war in Ukraine

Towards a sustainable and resilient future internet 

European Strategic Autonomy series - Digital & Technology

Builders of Progress: The war in Ukraine through the eyes of youth

This is the first publication of the research project Builders for Progress

EU-Russia relations series II

With ups and downs in the past few years, tensions between Russia and the EU […]
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FEPS HQ (Expert meeting - Hybrid)

Trade and global supply chains in 2030

Foresight series: The long-term implications of the war in Ukraine

War in Ukraine: consequences for the EU’s eastern policy

Vienna (Austria), 14 March 2022, 18:30–20:00 The study of the relations between the EU and […]
08 - 10/02/2022

Africa Week

Hybrid event, 8-10 February 2022 The fifth edition of the Africa Week Initiative will take […]
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Progressive Post

Why we need a feminist foreign policy


A feminist foreign policy? Redefining its meaning


A feminist foreign policy in an era of global crisis: from policy to impact

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HRVP Josep Borrell participates in FEPS expert meeting on the war and the reconstruction of Ukraine

On May 23rd, FEPS organised a timely expert meeting on the war and the reconstruction […]

New report shows young Europeans fear war spreading across Europe and call on EU countries to spend more on defence

Brussels, 12 May 2022 – As war continues to rage in Ukraine, a new survey has found that nearly […]
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In the media

Da Prodi a Rodrigues, domani al via la ’Terza conferenza sul futuro dell’Europa’

by La Nazione 25/05/2022

Omnibus Dibattito

by La 7 19/05/2022

Mehr als 2 Drittel der jungen Menschen Angst vor einem Krieg in Europa

by STOL 19/05/2022

I giovani hanno paura della guerra in Europa. E vogliono più spese militari

by 24 Ore 19/05/2022

Finlandia nella Nato, l’ira di Mosca

by Corriere della Sera 19/05/2022
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#121 FEPS Talks ‘Sanctions on Russia: the German and wider European debate’

#113 FEPS Talks ‘The 21st century starts now: how EU diplomacy can solve the Ukraine-Russia conflict’

#99 FEPS Talks ‘Afghanistan, the emerging Biden doctrine and the way forward for transatlantic cooperation’

#90 FEPS Talks ‘China and transatlantic perspectives on Beijing’

#86 FEPS Talks ‘Iran’s upcoming presidential election and the nuclear talks over the future of the JCPOA’

Network and Team


Policy Analyst on International Relations
Aline joined FEPS in April 2022 as a Policy Analyst on International Relations. She holds a […]

Arthur CADY

Arthur was FEPS project officer for international relations projects from October 2021 to February 2023. […]