With the mission of bringing forward analyses of the key political developments of the year, the Progressive Yearbook focuses on transversal European issues that have left a mark on 2022, and brings insightful future-looking analysis for the new year.

This fourth edition of the Progressive Yearbook was published in a year of war and, therefore, it mostly looks at the war itself, the actors involved and the implications for Europe.

We analyse the ways the war has affected our lives: deepening already existing trends, such as the increase in the cost of living, and exacerbating some of the long-term consequences of the pandemic, including its impact on mental health.

As in previous editions, the FEPS Progressive Yearbook 2023 contains two national cases which consider the state of democracy and social democratic forces in Sweden and Greece. We also provide a global perspective on the shifting world order and on the United States.

This Yearbook is completed by an attempt to analyse the present and interpret tendencies in order to foresee what comes next for Europe and for European progressives.

Looking back to look ahead!

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Table of content

From war to where? by László Andor, Hedwig Giusto and Ania Skrzypek


European Chronology 2022

European Progressive Observatory 2022

Europe in the shadow of war in Ukraine by László Andor


The progressive Europe we want by Ania Skrzypek

Internationalism is the antidote to the myopic politics of trenches and borders by Pedro Sánchez

Progressive Person of the Year – Grzegorz Pietruczuk interviewed by László Andor


The cost-of-living crisis and poverty in Europe by Helen Barnard

Reflections on the energy crisis in Europe by Izabela Surwillo

The rise and success of the anti-gender movement in Europe and beyond by Roman Kuhar

Social inequalities in mental health in a post-pandemic Europe by Javier Álvarez – Gálvez

Information operations by Katarína Klingová


The shining city on the hill? A case study about Sweden by Eric Sundström

Greece and the EU: A turbulent love affair, now more mature? by Loukas Tsoukalis


For a New Global Deal to transform the global order by Maria João Rodrigues

Reshaping the global order by Pascal Lamy

Erratic ally: The US midterm elections and the consequences of political dysfunction by Jack Thompson


How to transform the fear by Maciej Gdula

Challenges of EU economic governance for 2023 by Joaquín Almunia

Migration: In times of crisis, the EU must abandon crisis mode by Hedwig Giusto

The Western Balkan enlargement: Unfinished business by Ana Chupeska

Navigating the great power rivalries of the 2020s: Exploring Southeast Asia’s options by E Hun Tan


Biographies of Progressive Yearbook authors

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The Progressive Yearbook 2023 was presented during a launch event that took place at FEPS headquarters on 26 January. Did you miss it? You can watch the video here! The Twitter thread and pictures of the event are also available.

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Europe Needs a Democracy Commissioner

by Project Syndicate 05/06/2024
FEPS President Maria João Rodrigues co-authored this article, advocating for the establishment of a Democracy Commissioner to protect the sustainability of news media, among other tasks

La ultraderecha se reorganiza para devorar a los populares en Europa

by El País 03/06/2024
EL País article focuses on the changing relationship between the mainstream right and the far-right. It mentions FEPS Policy Study 'The transformation of the mainstream right and its impact on (social) democracy' and includes interviews with some of its authors.

Orbánov boj z zunanjim sovražnikom ni bil kos inflaciji

by DELO 28/05/2024
In an article in Delo, László Andor criticises Viktor Orbán government's economic policies, such as not allowing Hungary to join the euro area, which he believes would have helped curb inflation. He also criticises the government for blaming external enemies such as the President of the European Commission, to cover up its own failures.

Ex-EU-Kommissar Andor: Orbán gerät an die Peripherie

by Austria Presse Agentur 28/05/2024
"Former EU Commissioner Andor: Orbán is relegated to the periphery" Austrian news agency APA interviewed FEPS Secretary General László Andor on Europe's political situation ahead of the upcoming EU elections.