Policy Analyst on International Relations

Andriy joined FEPS in May 2023 as a Policy Analyst on International Relations. Before joining Brussels office he cooperated with FEPS in the capacity of a non-resident post-doctoral fellow, focusing on EU’s enlargement and neighbourhood policies, with a particular attention to Ukraine’s post-war recovery and its EU accession path. Prior to that, Andriy worked as the Head of Europe & International Affairs and Baltic Dialogue programmes at Warsaw office of the Heinrich Böll Foundation and was responsible for Eastern Europe and Eurasia Programme at the largest peacebuilding organization in the Netherlands (PAX). Previously, he also worked on migration management within the UN system (IOM, UNHCR). 

Andriy is a member of the European Studies Unit at the Institute of Sociology and Philosophy at the Polish Academy of Sciences, where he successfully defended doctoral dissertation entitled “Democratic legitimacy beyond a nation-state. The case of the European Union”. He is an alumnus of MA in European Public Affairs at Maastricht University and MA in Politics and Society at Lancaster University. His research interests include the analysis of the ongoing transformational processes in the EU and its neighbourhood, and their international context. Andriy has contributed to over 40 publications and has provided expert input for media outlets in Europe and the US.

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Forging Europe’s leadership

Global trends, Russian aggression and the risk of a regressive world

Europe and the war in Ukraine

From Russian aggression to a new Eastern policy

The case of Ukraine’s candidacy to the EU

Progressive policy towards the eastern neighbourhood as a cornerstone of the EU's stability and security
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Progressive Post

The cost of victory: coping with the prospect of Ukraine’s ‘lost generation’

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Helsinki, Finland (Hybrid)

From Russia’s aggression to progressive recovery of Ukraine

How to ensure Ukraine’s democratic future?
FEPS HQ, Brussels

‘Europe and the war in Ukraine’ book launch


The Sahel region

The EU and a changing global order
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In the media

What are Hungary’s conditions for lifting its Ukraine Facility veto?

by Euractiv 12/01/2024
In this episode, Evi Kiorri asks Andriy Korniychuk, policy analyst and expert on Ukraine matters at the Foundation for European Progressive Studies: what are Viktor Orbán's conditions, and why is Hungary considering changing its position?
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‘Europe and the war in Ukraine’ book launch

Brazil-EU: Parliamentarians’ exchange

How to strengthen cooperation on the climate and sustainable development agendas

#139 FEPS Talks ‘Lula’s new government: the prospects for the EU-Brazil relations’

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