More than one year and a half after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, when emotional fatigue and disengagement may start showing up, Foundation for European Progressive Studies (FEPS) invites you to get stimulus for an informed debate about Ukraine’s future in Europe.

Watch here the roundtable that took place with the editors and some of the authors of the book ‘Europe and the war in UkraineFrom Russian aggression to a new Eastern policy’. 

This book provides more than just an in-depth analysis. It is one of the first attempts to put the pieces of a comprehensive mosaic together.

The Russian aggression against Ukraine in February 2022 shook the world and caused immense suffering and destruction in the invaded country. Our ambition with the book ‘Europe and the war in Ukraine‘ is to track these developments concerning the key aspects of the war from a European perspective.

Chapters cover the background of Russian aggression, the role of the US, China and BRICS, the impact on the Ukrainian economy, society and politics, and sectoral questions like military capacities, gas and grain markets, media, as well as reconstruction.

Beyond the causes and consequences of the war, we explore how Europe, and more specifically, the EU, perform in the conflict, which will determine the future of our continent in many ways.

'Europe and the war in Ukraine' book launch
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