Member of the European Parliament since the 2019 European elections. Since 2021, Bischoff has been serving as vice-chair of the S&D Group. She is the Vice-President of the Committee on Constitutional Affairs and a Member of the Committee on Employment and Social Affairs. In addition to her committee assignments, she was also a Member of the Working Group on the Conference on the Future of Europe. Bischoff is also part of the Parliament’s delegation for relations with Mercosur. Moreover, she is a member of the Spinelli Group, the European Parliament Intergroup on Trade Unions and the European Parliament Intergroup on LGBT Rights.

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Progressive Yearbook 2021

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Rome, Italy

Understanding right-wing populism and what to do about it

PES Congress fringe event
Málaga, Spain (Expert meeting)

Leading, not leaning

The ways PES can be a pioneer in the sphere of transnational politcs in 2024 and beyond
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‘A free and democratic Europe: Countering far-right populism’ Flickr album

‘Understanding right-wing populism and what to do about it’ fringe event and PES Congress Flickr album