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Time to govern migration together: an opportunity for Europe and Africa

The EU’s incapacity to find a bold common policy that goes beyond scant agreements based […]

Migration: African perspectives

Why do migrants make the difficult decision to leave their countries, homes and families to […]

10 points of reference for a progressive narrative on migration

UNited for a different migration

The security-migration-development nexus revised: a perspective from the Sahel

The nexus of security, migration and development in Africa is crucial, but certainly not only […]
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#44 FEPS Talks: The migration flows in the Mediterranean in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic

#23 FEPS Talks: The Greek-Turkish border crisis and the need to reform the EU asylum system

Network and Team

Arthur Cady

Project Officer
Arthur is FEPS project officer for international relations projects. Before joining FEPS at the end […]

Hedwig Giusto

Senior Research Fellow and Editor in Chief of the Progressive Post
Hedwig is FEPS Senior Research Fellow and Editor-in-chief of the Progressive Post, the magazine run […]
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