Associated Professor, Queen Mary University of London, and Co-Chair, Policy Network

Patrick Diamond is Professor of Public Policy at Queen Mary, University of London. His research interests include British social policy and the welfare state, the comparative study of European social democracy, and conflict resolution in Northern Ireland. He is the author of several monographs including Endgame? The Future of the Centre-Left in Europe (Rowman & Littlefield, 2018) and Forward March Halted? The British Labour Party in Opposition and Power 1979-2019 (Routledge, 2021). He is a former Senior Policy Adviser in UK Government and Chair of Policy Network.

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Next Left Vol.12

Progressivism after Covid: Experiences, impulses, ideas

Towards a social democratic century? 

How European and global social democracy can steer a course through the crises

Enduring values

How progressives across Europe can win

Next Left Vol.10

Delivering empowered welfare societies
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Lisbon, Portugal

Right-wing extremism and our progressive duty to fight it

Next Left conference
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Next Left conference – Right-wing extremism and our progressive duty to fight it

#70 FEPS Talks ‘Social democracy in the new hard times: lessons from the British Labour party’