The fifth edition of the Annual Autumn Academy (AAA) took place “à la rentrée” of 2023. The academy, which was launched in 2019, brings together around 40 participants each year, chosen from among the most promising elected young politicians from across the EU. Over the years, we have been fortunate to have an excellent and diverse line-up of speakers, including party leaders, commissioners, ministers, members of parliaments, MEPs, academics, civil society experts, trade union representatives, journalists, pollsters, youth spokespersons and many others. Since the launch of the academy, we have involved nearly 1,000 people – who belong directly or indirectly to the ever-growing AAA family.

The success of the academy could be explained by its aim to always share the most politically relevant content and the newest thought-provoking research findings, in a participatory and empowering format. The event programme therefore included many formats – lectures, debates, workshops, institutional visits, mentorship programmes, masterclasses, ‘progressives have talent’ competition and many more – to make this three-day course as impactful, inclusive and inspiring as possible. We are always striving to improve and innovate to make it an unforgettable experience.

Besides ensuring consistency with previous editions, the topic ‘Beyond 2024‘ enabled participants to ‘look back in order to look ahead‘. This is why, in addition to giving speakers and participants the opportunity to discuss priorities for the next mandate, we devoted much of our time to sharing the achievements of social democrats in the current European legislature. Each day was dedicate to one sub-themes. We first worked on ‘Inclusive recovery and social progress’, then on ‘Safeguarding and promoting democracy’, and finally on ‘Building sustainable and multilateral global order’.

Annual Autumn Academy 2023
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