Director for Research and Training

Ania SKRZYPEK, (Skrzypek-Claassens), PhD, is Director for Research and Training at FEPS. She obtained her Ph.D. cum laude in political sciences from the University of Warsaw, her thesis ‘Cooperation of the socialist and social democratic parties in uniting Europe. From Liaison Bureau to PES. 1957 – 2007‘. (also published in book format in 2010).

Before joining FEPS in 2009, A. Skrzypek worked as a PhD researcher and taught at the Faculty of Journalism and Political Sciences at the University of Warsaw (2003 – 2009). In parallel, she served as twice consecutively elected Secretary General of Young European Socialists (ECOSY, 2005-2009).  She was a a co-founder of the united youth organisation FMS (in 2001) and was a co-host of the TV studio of SLD-Unia Pracy 2004 European election campaign.

She is an author of over 100 published pamphlets, papers and articles, available in English, German, French, Spanish, Bulgarian, and Polish. She is an academic reviewer for “Przeglad Europejski” of Warsaw University and regularly appears on the radio (TOK FM) as the expert on EU affairs. She is also a member of the High-Level Advisory Board on international affairs for Nowa Lewica in Poland, which committee is chaired by Aleksander Kwasniewski, former President of Poland.

Within FEPS, her prior responsibilities include the Next Left Research Programme (together with the Oxford Symposia); the subthemes connected with Political Union (transnational politics) and democracy; alongside with the FEPS Training Pillar (newly founded OPU, and the well-established FEPS Young Academics Network, Ones to Watch, Autumn Academy). She leads FEPS European Progressive Observatory; and is a co-editor of the Progressive Yearbook and FEPS Primer Series. She represents FEPS at the PES Coordination Team and is in charge of the quarterly meetings between FEPS and S&D Group colleagues.

As a Director, she also supports the work of the respective FEPS colleagues: on defending and deepening democracy; in the international field (regarding Ukraine, Russia, Middle East, Latin America, Australia, and New Zealand), on migration: on enlargement, neighbourhood policies and Western Balkans; and also in the dimension of gender equality portfolio that concerns questions of political participation.

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Leading the way

Lessons for Labour from Europe

The social democratic parties in the Visegrád countries

Predicaments and prospects for progressivism

Prospects for a Keir Starmer premiership

What he can achieve and what obstacles stand in his way

Next Left Vol. 14

Crisis and progressive politics: How to make hard choices and succeed?
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Progressive Post

A fairer, greener future

Ania Skrzypek: Thank you very much for agreeing to contribute to this week’s dossier on […]

Time for grand narratives, not for footnotes

We are living in complex times. There is a war in Europe, there is a […]

The game of votes: is the new European Parliament legislative resolution on direct universal suffrage historic?

May is typically a month marked by important exams. This year, the European stakeholders have […]

Can this be the time to reframe the concept of a state?

It has become a well-known truth that in the time of the ultimate test – […]

A great window of opportunity for a progressive agenda in Europe

The 2019 European elections finally saw the turnout going slightly up. In parallel, Social Democrats […]

Belarus – why it is different this time?

The former Polish President Alexander Kwasniewski (1995-2005) has long been an advocate of regional cooperation […]

Future of Europe: providing leadership for a new era to come

The challenges have multiplied, the citizens expectations have grown, and what the EU currently lacks most are the characteristics of a leader.

Progressive Pod on Spain Elections

In a podcast itw, Beatriz Corredor, from Pablo Iglesias Foundation offers further explanations regarding Spanish election’s outcomes and prospects for PSOE and Pedro Sanchez

Visegrád Plus: is there a chance to go beyond the Eastern discomfort?

o be clear, they would not always act together or conspire to arrive at Brussels summits with a consolidated agenda.

Horizons and demarcation lines

Today, the electorate is volatile, alliances are shifting, and the prophecies about the end of ideologies may have just fulfilled themselves.

Progressive Pod on Poland Elections

Just three days after the elections, President Aleksander Kwasniewski (in the office 1995 - 2005) shares with us his insights of the campaign.

Poland after the general elections 2019: a divided country in a state of suspension, where citizens don’t give up their hopes

On the bases of what has already been analyzed, it is clear that Poland is an exceedingly divided country.

Dare to hope, Progressive Europe!

The country was portrayed as immensely divided, with many tensions, regarding separatists as well as an anti-democratic movement.

Believing in hopes that could be entrusted in us again…

The historical objective is to return to win the argument on how to shape a better future for everyone.
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Barcelona, Spain - Training

Dreaming transformations

From utopia to public administration
FEPS HQ, Brussels

‘Europe and the war in Ukraine’ book launch

More than one year and a half after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, when emotional fatigue […]
Dąbrowa Górnicza, Poland - Training

Intergenerational solidarity

Challenges for Social Democracy series
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Open Progressive University

FEPS launches first e-learning platform for Social Democrats

Next Left and Amsterdam Process: think tanks, academia and political world

On behalf of FEPS, Policy Network and Wiardi Beckman Stichting cordially invite to an event […]


Three former Prime ministers Massimo D’Alema (President of the FEPS), Alfred Gusenbauer (Chair of the […]
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In the media

Sluta tro att SD-männen bara skojar om politiken

by AFTONBLADET 30/05/2023
'Stop thinking that the SD men are just joking about politics. When changes happen, they happen at lightning speed' Ania Skrzypek interviewed in this Swedish article about the Polish case

Polacy nieufni i “wyjątkowi” – “popandemiczne” badanie w UE

by TOK FM 22/05/2023
'Poles distrustful and "exceptional" - "post-pandemic" survey in the EU' TOK FM. Interview with Ania Skrzypek, FEPS Director for Research and Training, about the results of FEPS' European survey in six EU countries and the 'uniqueness' of the responses of the Polish people.

Ania Skrzypek ‘Er waait een sociaaldemocratische wind door Europa’

by SAMPOL 09/12/2022
'A social democratic wind is blowing through Europe' Interview with Ania Skrzypek, FEPS Director for Research and Training

How the French social democrats could stage a comeback

by Euractiv 25/07/2022

How many inequalities can the world fight at the same time?

by Social Europe 07/07/2022
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‘Europe and the war in Ukraine’ book launch

More than one year and a half after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, when emotional fatigue […]

Annual Autumn Academy 2023

Beyond 2024

9th Oxford Symposium

Flagship event of the Next Left thematic field
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