10:00 - 13:30
Barcelona, Spain
Accelerating progress

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The introduction of women into the paid workforce was an important step forward in the fight for feminism with the attainment of women’s economic independence. With this economic independence, new possibilities opened up. However, once in the labour market, new patterns of discrimination factors such as wage inequalities, the direct relationship of women with certain commercial activities, and the non-remuneration of domestic work.

In this conference, we will look at socialist feminist policies on the labour market and the European Directive on Gender Violence in Spain. Spain is one of the countries that, in recent years, has made the most progress in the fight against gender inequalities in the world of work, taking 4th place with 76.4% (full equality) behind only Sweden, the Netherlands and Denmark and above the European average (70.2%). Lately, the pandemic and the opportunity of teleworking have posed a new challenge for the feminist struggle in the world of work.


Thus, the situation of women in the workplace is one of the areas where we have the most opportunities to continue progressing.

With guest speakers:

  • Ana Redondo, Minister of Equality of the Government of Spain  
  • Salvador Illa, First secretary of the PSC
  • Montse Mínguez, Deputy and general secretary of the Socialist Parliamentary Group in the Congress of Deputies and Deputies
  • Laura Ballarín, MEP of the S&D Group 
  • Ainara Bascuñana, Head of Communication, FEPS
  • Alicia Romero, Deputy spokesperson for the PSC in the Parliament of Catalonia 
  • Sònia Guerra, Secretary for feminism policies and deputy to the Congress of Deputies 
  • Eva M. Gajardo, Secretary of Equality and Training of the UGT Catalunya 
  • Mentxu Gutiérrez, Secretary of women and LGTBI policies of CCOO Catalunya 
  • Lluïsa Moret, Deputy secretary of the PSC and president of the Barcelona Provincial Council 
  • Leire Pajín, Former Minister of Health, Social Policy and Equality and former Secretary of Organisation of the PSOE
  • Saray Espejo, International political scientist, expert in European and international politics and Director of European Affairs at Instrategies Think&Do 
  • Irene Rosales, Policy and Campaigns Officer, European Women Lobby
  • Lara Malvesí, Brussels-based Correspondent, Agencia de noticias EFE

For more information regarding this event, please do not hesitate to contact Euléane Omez, FEPS Project Management Coordinator (euleane.omez@feps-europe.eu)

This event will be available in Spanish and English. Click here to view the agenda in Spanish.

The live stream of this event is available below.

Fundació Rafael Campalans
Socialists’ Party of Catalonia 
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