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Our European Future

FEPS contribution to the Conference on the Future of Europe

In our hands: Progressive ideas for a renewed and repurposed Trans-Atlantic bond

The report “In Our Hands: Progressive Ideas for a Renewed and Repurposed Trans-Atlantic Bond” by […]

Europe and Iran in a fast-changing Middle East

The Trump administration’s decision to unilaterally cease compliance with the 2015 nuclear deal and implement […]

Walking the strategic talk: A progressive EU foreign policy agenda for the future

Read the publication For years, the pace and extensity of external change outstripped the steps […]
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FEPS leads a new flagship research project on EU Strategic Autonomy with top European experts

Does the EU have the capacity and agency to set priorities and make decisions autonomously […]
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#CallToEurope – 2021 Highlights 

#99 FEPS Talks ‘Afghanistan, the emerging Biden doctrine and the way forward for transatlantic cooperation’

#90 FEPS Talks ‘China and transatlantic perspectives on Beijing’

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