Making trade work for prosperity, people and planet

FEPS Primers series - Arancha González and Yanis Bourgeois



We find ourselves in an era marked by significant turbulence and change. Globalization and trade, in particular, are at the forefront of major economic, geopolitical, and societal transformations. While trade remains a potent catalyst for job creation, economic growth, innovation, development, and poverty alleviation, it also raises valid concerns regarding resilience, equitable distribution, inclusivity, and environmental impact. More recently, national security considerations, dependencies, and technological advancements are redefining the international trade landscape.

In today’s intricate trade ecosystem, the book, co-authored by Arancha González Laya and Yanis Bourgeois, offers a comprehensive perspective on the importance of open trade and economic integration. It explores the trajectory of trade, the necessary regulatory mechanisms, and the imperative of making trade a beneficial force for all rather than just a select few. While past efforts have primarily focused on enabling trade through negotiations and agreements, this primer underscores the importance of facilitating trade and ensuring trade works to advance prosperity, enhance the people’s well-being, and safeguard the sustainability of our planet.

In this book, readers will benefit from Arancha González Laya’s deep knowledge of all aspects of international trade. It is both a reference book and an inspiration. Trade will always lead to discussions, this book will make the discussion more factual and knowledgeable. The next step is a Feminist Trade Policy!

Ann Linde, Former Minister for Foreign Affairs of Sweden

Trade is a powerful process shaping the global economy, leveraging development but also creating new tensions and social inequalities. If you want to understand how this works and how this should work, you have here a brilliant synthesis provided by an outstanding policy-maker in the world stage

Maria Joao Rodrigues, FEPS President

The FEPS Primer on trade, co-authored by Arancha Gonzalez Laya and Yanis Bourgeois, is a must-read for any policymaker wishing to understand the modern global trading system. The book smartly guides us through the underlying economic reasons for engaging in trade, the functioning of the international trading framework and key elements needed to facilitate trade.

Marek Belka, Former Prime Minister of Poland and Vice-President of S&D Group

This publication is a part of FEPS Primers Series. It was launched at an event organised by the World Trade Organisation (WTO)

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