19 - 20/01/2023
08:45 - 18:00
Recife, Brazil (Hybrid)

The Global Policy Dialogue (GPD) provides a platform to discuss innovative solutions for addressing the intersection between climate change, biodiversity, nature loss, pollution, and waste. We do so, by bringing together a selective, diverse group from UN Missions, the Secretariat, think tanks, universities, the private sector, and other civil society organisations.

FEPS, together with Platforma CIPÓ, Global Governance Innovation Network, Stimson Center, and Global Challenges Foundation, convened on 19 January in Recife, Brazil, to engage in the third Global Policy Dialogue: ‘Addressing the triple planetary crisis through improved global governance.’ It was a track 1.5 dialogue, which means a conversation that includes a mix of government officials – who participate in an unofficial capacity – and non-governmental experts.

This hybrid track 1.5 dialogue is part of a four-part series that spans over the 2022-2023 year, enacted to procure a mode by which meaningful multi-stakeholder dialogue can take place on various issues leading up to the 2024 Summit of the Future.

Global Policy Dialogues in 2022 included the GPD ‘Beyond UN75’ and ‘Our Common Agenda’, which took place in Washington DC, and the GPD ‘Evidenced-based solutions and the road to 2023: Strengthening human rights, humanitarian action, sustainable trade & disarmament cooperation’, which took place in Geneva.

Keynote speakers:

  • H.E. Mary Robinson, Chair of the Elders; Former UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Former President of Ireland
  • H.E. Ambassador Carlos Lazary, Executive Director of Amazon Cooperation Treaty Organization
  • Dr. Izabella Teixeira, Former Minister of the Environment of Brazil and Co-President of the UN International Resource Panel
  • Dr. José Graziano, President of Zero Hunger Institute; Former Director-General of Food and Agriculture Organization, FAO
  • Maria João Rodrigues, President of FEPS

Find here the full program.


  • Propose ways to improve coordination among developing countries through ad hoc coalitions as well as the G-77 and Non-Aligned Movement so as to ensure that reform agenda for a just, democratic, and effective global governance is on the table
  • Discuss possibilities for advancement, as well as gaps in the Secretary-General’s Our Common Agenda vision of a more inclusive and networked multilateralism, particularly by reflecting on the role of the Global South in addressing the Triple Planetary Crisis of Climate Change, Biodiversity and Nature Loss, and Pollution. 
  • Debate and recommend specific global institutional, policy, legal, normative, and operational innovations that could inform the agenda for global governance reforms, including from among several of the Our Common Agenda’s ninety proposals that directly pertain to the Triple Planetary Crisis. 
  • Consider and enhance recent and under-developed recommendations from global governance policy innovators, to raise the ambition of international policy discussions in the run-up to the 2024 Summit of the Future in New York and the 2023 COP-28 gathering in the United Arab Emirates.

Breakthrough Groups:

  • Just Transitions, Sustainable Development, and Trade
  • Balancing the COP Agenda: Climate Adaptation and Loss and Damage
  • Climate, Gender and Human Rights
  • Biodiversity and Climate Governance

The Breakout groups’ discussions considered concepts both within ‘Our Common Agenda‘ process and beyond including climate justice, climate financing, gender equality and the rights of future generations. Each Breakthrough session concluded with a plenary discussion, which coalesced all concepts discussed throughout each session.

Should you have any queries regarding this project, please get in touch with Thainá Leite, FEPS Project Officer, at thaina.leite@ainara-bascunana

Global Challenges Foundation
Global Governance Innovation Network
Heinrich Böll Foundation
Plataforma CIPÓ
The Stimson Center
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19 - 20/01/2023
Recife, Brazil (Hybrid)

Global Policy Dialogue 2023

Addressing the Triple Planetary Crisis through improved global governance
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