17:00 - 19:30
FEPS HQ, Brussels

We launched the fourth edition of one of our most unique yearly publications, the Progressive Yearbook 2023. On the same occasion, our Secretary General, László Andor, revealed and interviewed FEPS personality of the year.

With the mission of bringing forward analyses of the key political developments of the year, the Progressive Yearbook 2023 focused on transversal European issues that had left a mark on 2022, and brought insightful future-looking analysis for the new year. This yearly edition counted on renowned authors’ contributions, including academics, politicians, and civil society representatives.

Among the speakers:

  • Maria João RODRIGUES, FEPS President
  • Agnes JONGERIUS, Member of the European Parliament, Progressive Alliance of the Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament
  • László ANDOR, FEPS Secretary General
  • Izabela SURWILLO, Postdoctoral Researcher (Copenhagen)
  • Jack THOMPSON, Lecturer in American Studies (Amsterdam)
  • Ana CHUPESKA, Political Scientist (Skopje)
  • Daniel KOPP, former editor-in-chief of the IPS Journal
  • Grzegorz PIETRUCZUK, Mayor of Bielany District, Warsaw
  • Pascal LAMY, Coordinator of the Jacques Delors Think Tanks (Paris, Berlin, Brussels), President of Paris Peace Forum, Former DG of WTO, Former Trade Commissioner (European Commission)

The event was moderated by László ANDOR, FEPS Secretary General

For more information, please contact Sophia Christodoulou at sophia.christodoulou@feps-europe.eu

If you are interested in receiving a hard copy of the Progressive Yearbook 2023, don’t hesitate to register here.

Did you miss the launch of the Progressive Yearbook? Don’t worry, you can watch it here

Watch here the pictures of the event

Progressive Yearbook Launch  14
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