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In this paper, FEPS and S&D went through the major issues and challenges that the EU faces in its international trade policy. Clearly, the challenges are many. Yet, the same challenges are also a source of opportunity. 

Trade, for example, can be a potent instrument for promoting the green transition both at home and globally. Yet, given the unequal capacity of countries to contribute to such policies, the trade-green nexus should be complemented with a development agenda.

This offers an opportunity to reach out to developing countries in a new way – in the form of a genuine partnership, helping them develop their industrial capacity while promoting a green agenda and securing critical supplies for Europe.

This paper is based on conversations held between Members and staff of the S&D Group, FEPS and the following experts to whom we are extremely grateful: Arancha Gonzalez Layla, Pascal Lamy, Clara Brandi, Claudia Schmucker, David Kleimann, Elvire Fabry, Fernanda Cimini, Gary Clyde Hufbauer, Giovanni Gruni, Laura Kelly, Loyle Campbell, Lucian Cernat, Marija Bartl, Olumide Abimbola, Peter Holmes, Philippe Martin, Sébastien Jean, Vanessa Erogbogbo, Werner Raza.

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