What will be the effect of algorithmic decision-making systems and AI in the workplace? With the digital transition, the workplace has rapidly introduced digital technologies for remote work, surveillance, and algorithmic management of workers. It has already been shown that ubiquitous surveillance causes stress and anxiety among workers and decreases trust in the workplace.

There are also emerging signs that profound shifts in workplace management accompany algorithmic decision-making systems and affect the exercise of power and workers’ rights. This is especially visible in the platform economy but is spread widely across the economy, including in more ‘traditional sectors. The mainstreaming of automated management systems has implications for the social partnership between workers and companies and worker representation and consultation around the EU.

Over the next two years, the Digital Research Programme: Algorithms in the Workplace investigates the developments of digital technologies for gig work, remote work, surveillance, and algorithmic management of workers.

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Computer in command

Digital Programme: Algorithms at the workplace

Algorithms by and for the workers

Digital Programme: Algorithms at the workplace

Employment terms of platform workers

Digital Programme: Algorithms at the workplace
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The rise of algorithmic management, from platform economy to traditional sectors

Webinar on platform work and algorithms at the workplace
Helsinki, Finland

Algorithms in the Workplace

Breakfast roundtable
Copenhagen, Denmark (Expert meeting)

Platform work and employment terms

Expert roundtable
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Digital programme: Algorithms at the workplace

FEPS, together with Nordic partners, launched a Digital Programme on algorithmic management and workers' rights
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AI won’t replace quality journalism, but sector needs safeguarding, says socialist think tank head

by Euractiv 18/03/2024
Interview with FEPS President on the role of media in Europe’s future

»Der er tale om en markant udvikling«: Det vrimler med Wolt-bude

by Politiken 19/01/2024
'"This is a significant development": Wolt workers are everywhere' Politiken's article about the Digital Programme's first policy study: 'Employment terms of platform workers'
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“We need to empower, not weaken, workers and their representatives.” Commissioner Nicolas Schmit

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