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Call to Europe – The future is social

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Call to Europe: The Future is Social – takes place in Brussels on 30 April afternoon and evening and is an occasion to reignite the transformative power of social-democratic values in shaping tomorrow’s Europe. A future in which EU policymaking shall put well-being and quality of life first. Led by FEPS in collaboration with Eyes on Europe and the Brussels chapters of the socialist and social democratic parties (PSOE Brussels, PD Brussels, SPD Brussels, PS Brussels, PvdA Brussels, BSP Brussels, and Brussels Labour) it will be an occasion to gather inputs to shape the next chapter of the EU social action plan and be impactful in the next EU legislature.

How can we expect people to galvanise around the idea of Europe if they don’t perceive that the EU is improving their living standards, opportunities and well-being? Progressives have always been at the forefront of innovative policymaking to reduce inequalities, expand rights and improve working conditions.

It is undebatable that socialist action has achieved a lot in this legislature. So, how can progressives build on this to show that is the way to go for Europe?

The Belgian presidency of the EU is the occasion in which, finally, social investment and socio-economic matters have been put up as European priorities. In this conference, we will therefore ask how social democracy can revitalise the passion around the European project and showcase that leadership that can pave the way for a future that thrives on inclusivity, sustainability and collective prosperity.

Among our speakers:

What can you expect?

  • Afternoon at FEPS Office with a talk on “what social means today” and a political session to respond to different “Call to Europe” pitches plus a series of parallel workshops on:
    • Health and Care Services for All
    • Artificial Democracy? Protecting Society from Disruptive Disinformation
    • Innovation in Employment and Social Affairs
    • Taxing Billionnaires to Finance Climate Justice
  • Evening session at the Académie Royale de Belgique, for a networking drink among socialist and social-democratic activists and political inputs on the Spanish and Belgian EU Presidencies and the EU Commissioner Nicolas Schmit

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-> The event is hosted in two distinct venues, we hope to see you for the whole duration of the event <-

For more information regarding this event, please contact Vanessa Zwisele, FEPS Project Officer (vanessa.zwisele@feps-europe.eu) or Euléane Omez, FEPS Project Management Coordinator, (euleane.omez@feps-europe.eu).

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