In order to make a refund, a reimbursement form must be fully completed with all the required details.

FEPS must receive all necessary documents, correctly completed within one month of the event.

All expenses must be justified by the following documents ALTOGETHER IN ONE PDF FILE in order to receive the reimbursement:

1. Fully completed Reimbursement Form
2. Original boarding passes or validated train ticket
3. Original tickets or electronic tickets where no other option.
4. Original bills, tickets, receipts etc, clearly showing the expense, the amount and the currency.

If FEPS buys you a ticket for travel in advance, you must nevertheless send the original boarding passes or validated train tickets. If FEPS buys you a ticket in advance and receives no boarding passes one month after returning from the event, you will be invoiced by FEPS for the travel costs.

FEPS expects the participant to attend the full programme of the activity for which the travel and accommodation costs are being covered.

Any possible difficulties should be notified in advance.

Thank you for your cooperation and comprehension.